Thursday, 3 April 2014

Meet Dubbleyou's new friend--Hank in Cheif

Hank in Chief is the gorgeous label started by Ashley Nash for her own wedding last year. These stunning creations are lovingly hand-made in Sydney and are the perfect gift or solution to your wedding party strife.

What do you find inspiration in?
I find it hard not to find inspiration in things. We are constantly surrounded by many forms of inspiration whether it be shapes, texture, colour, movement, film and music. I'm lucky enough to live in a pretty darn inspiring world!

What is your favourite material to work with?
I think its always been fine cottons and linens. I love working with fabric's mainly because of their texture and flexibility. Its amazing what you can create using a few metres of cloth! 

Why do you love design?
I love that design has the ability to create lasting impressions. At the core of design is creation, I love watching an idea grow and evolve. Design with intent can make the world a better place. Now who wouldn't love that!?

Something you're good at?
Remembering birthdays and reverse parking! (can I have 2?)

Something you're terrible at?
Decision making! But I'm a Libran so I think thats pretty normal for us.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Meet Dubbleyou's new friend--ALAS

So I'm pretty excited to be able to share my space with a talented few. One being ALAS, they make stunning sleepwear in beautiful patterns and comfy fabrics. They even head over to India once a year to check in with their makers and make sure everything is ticking along nicely and fairly.

I had a quick chat to the girls about their label and what makes them happy on the inside:

What do you find inspiration in?
Kelly and I usually combine all of our inspiration together to make a big colourful soup of old paintings, songs we've heard on the radio, camping trips under the stars, crazy new collections from emerging and established designers around the world, cobwebs and other feats of nature... this list could go on for days as we are perpetually in awe of this mad universe!

What is your favourite material to work with?
All of our sleepwear is 100% organic cotton, which we believe is the most soft, comfortable and breathable fabric for sleeping in! 

Why do you love design?
Design comes pretty naturally to us, like taking a bath or making lunch. Seeing an idea become reality has got to be one of the most satisfying things ever!

Something you're good at?
Coming up with new weird colour combinations

Something you're terrible at?
Kelly and I are both terrible at remembering keys, I am locked out of my house today uh oh!

Dubbleyou has a real life shop!

As of Saturday I am the proud new occupant of a real life design store! Holy guacamole batman! It is Renew Newcastle space and I am sharing it with local artist (and boyfriends mum) Sue Dawes who is running a gallery space called S√ľko gallery. The whole space is a whopping 102m squared and we felt every centimetre when we renovated in. A new floor, few coats of paint and a good amount of scrubbing later we have a shinny new space. 

A special thanks to everyone who made it on Saturday, it was a really special day. 

The new Dubbleyou range is available online, right now. Have a look! and hit shop. Gently.  

Monday, 3 June 2013

Website re-vamp

So, last month I discovered Adobe Muse. To say I went 'cray cray' is an understatement  Addicted to online tutorial videos I spent virtually a week learning everything there was to know about Muse. And re-built my website in a weekend.

Thanks Terry.

Share the Love: Little Flowers

Life is tough as a little business, so today I thought I would use this opportunity to branch out of the Dubbleyou blog and talk about other designs and ideas I like.

Little Flowers deliver a bunch of seasonal locally grown flowers anywhere in Sydney (within reason) for $25 a day. You can order the bunch of the day until the run out, or order for a future date.

How lovely.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

To Wordpress or not to Wordpress

I'm in the process of looking into creating a Wordpress site, I want to be able to easily upload new posts and products but it seems a little - fiddly.

Any suggestions or advice?

Sara xx

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Harvest Textiles Screen Printing Workshop

Last week I had the absolutely delicious experience of working with the Harvest Textiles ladies at one of their workshops. The courses are incredible value, even with flights and accommodation in Melbourne.

The Autumn Screen Printing School involved learning how to screen print using stencils. A really effective and easy way to achieve a printed fabric.

Part One: A basic over view of how to print. Starting with pre-cut stensils and ready mixed inks we had a play and familiarised ourselves with the process.

We then spent the afternoon designing our print for the next day. A three layer print created from three hand cut stensils.

Part two: We learned the basics of mixing ink, to create different properties of the ink and colour mixes.  We were mainly working with Permaset inks which came in a range of really fantastic colours. I had purchased a colour of colours in Sydney to play with later in the week

With each flood and pull you could see the results getting better and better. The afternoon was spent learning to set up a design for a registered print. This involved using the lightbox to create a layer design, one for each colour.

Part Three: Printing our tea towels was pretty exciting, we choose our inks and set up the first layer, we would print four towels and then come back and print the second colour on top when the first was dry.

The glow (neon) magenta went of really nicely, especially on the white cotton, I was really surprised at how little ink was wasted. The copper was the next colour to go down, a really awesome metalic, not too glittery just a gorgeous sheen.

I had a little trouble with my first four, the bottom of my screen got some ink on it and because the towels were over the edge of the table I didn't know it was marking it until the end. I was really luck that on the last day we had some spare time and I got to re-print some. A very limited run are available online

The afternoon was again spent cutting the design for the next day. We also learned how to do a special repeat pattern which was worth the entire course alone. So clever and worked perfectly -  I now officially had the bug.

Part Four: Printing our repeat patterns in the morning was loads of fun, I had bought some leathers from NSW leather and was super keen to test them out. They are going to be used in my neutral & neon leather products which are almost ready to expand into Ipad cases. Exciting.

The pink glow ink turned a darker red colour on the skins but it didn't matter - it was a nice surprise and I am planning on making them into cushions for a boys room. The copper went down perfectly and can't wait to create a little copper surprise for the insides of my purses.

I also got a chance to repeat the stensil I used on day two which was great.

The best part about the course was how open the girls were with information, how they created their table, which products were the most beneficial to purchase and ways you could substitute if you didn't want to spend heaps of cash. Such an awesome week I really didn't stop grinning the entire time.

For more information on the courses or to contact the amazing ladies that run it, please follow the link or head to:

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dubbleyou Developments

I'm not going to lie to you, we're friends, but I got a bit emo-devo-stateo when all my images from my blog got wiped. Some of them were only stored on here (my fault) and others are so far lost on my hard drive it would have taken the best part of a year to find them all. 

But I'm back.

And the blog is going to work a little differently. As I'll explain later on I am starting to slim Dubbleyou down, just trim the fat if you will. I get so excited by new materials and new ideas that I have gotten a little carried away and I need to focus on the most important products and making them beyond amazing.

My letterbox, swing, clocks, tea towels, purses duvet sets and cushions are going to be the core products that I produce, and here, the blog— will be a venue for DIY projects and small, limited design runs. I'm super excited about this part. I'll be helping you create easy design projects in your home and also offering up the range that I create for sale. They will come with full instructions for creating your own product (including illustrator files if needed) which will range from jewellery to wall hangings, tissue box covers to lamps. 

On the regular Dubbleyou front a few exciting developments have been progressing over the last few weeks. Leather for my new dude-vet (duvets for dudes) set is purchased and looks like cosmic leather heaven. I have acquired the beans for my new doggy-day beds, made from high quality outdoor fabric. I have launched the new neutrals and neon range of clocks on my store and found the perfect copper thread for my leather purses and bags. It may not seem like I'm streamlining things in prep for our big adventure*, but I am. Truly.

*In August the boyfriend and I will be heading out into the wild and wonderful world to have a proper look around. Starting in South America we will weave our way around through New York, Reykjavik, Scotland, Mumbai, Kathmandu then all the way through Southeast Asia back home. 

Friday, 25 January 2013

Letterbox, fancier than ever

Letterbox from Dubbleyou has had a tiny make over. Now made at a legit manufactures (still local, of course) it is stronger and shinier than ever.

The only teensy tiny sad part is that now it is only available in the colours below. A cool white and an ever cooler grey.

Get 'em here.

Monday, 10 December 2012

I wrote a book

In other news. I wrote a book, find it in the itunes store search "Better Me" and looks under books. It will look like this: